Community Mentoring

GEM hosts and facilitates weekly community mentoring sessions for young adults within the community. These weekly group sessions focus on: local & national topics, poll topics through mentors and mentees, mental health, and education. The goal is to start relevant conversations that youth will take back into their school, home, and community to continue the conversation and spark change.

Youth Development

GEM’s Youth Development Program is open to youth in all our surrounding areas.

Men On The Move

Help our organization by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

Girls Empowerment Movement

GEM is a summer program and life-skills class that uses a social justice approach to promote empowerment, identity affirmation, culturally relevant knowledge, and self-advocacy skills for young women, girls, and trans-identifying woman in middle and high school.

Culture Of Arts

The Culture of Arts program welcomes youth (11-18) to be a part of an after-school program that allows students to experience increased confidence, improved complete awareness about their future, and belonging to a community through arts and life skills.

Diamond Workforce Development

In today’s job market, education can give an applicant a competitive edge; however, a formal degree is not the only path. Those with little or no post-secondary education can take advantage of professional certifications, or licensing programs in order to get an advantage over the competition.