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Bessie Gordon


Bessie Gordon-Verrett is a loving wife and mother to 2 girls as well as 3 bonus children. Through her work as Mentor and Executive Assistant with Glover Empower Mentoring, she has come to be affectionately known as Ms. Bessie to both the youth and other staff she works with. Bessie is a top-notch people person which has been demonstrated through her work with the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion as well as Workforce Education at Green River College and her time in managerial positions at Target. She is a real no-nonsense female role model in a time when the young people in our community need a little old-school flavor to teach them about respect for others as well as themselves. Ms. Bessie is trying to make a generational impact to make sure that…… Ms. Bessie has a goal of one day owning a group home for foster and homeless youth to pay it forward as a former foster graduate herself.